Piano and singing lessons


What’s Included Who is it for?
  • 36 one to one lessons on singing or piano


  • Online student portal


  • 2 student recitals


  • 2 parents recitals


  • Blog with practice and motivation tips
  • Anyone interested in learning how to
    make music on the piano or with their voice


  • Anyone who has already started learning and
    is looking for a fresh approach to practice and learning

How are lessons delivered?


I aim to create an individual experience for each student to meet their unique learning needs and aims.  Lessons are planned and delivered using the latest research in music education and time tested approaches such as  Kodaly, Dalcroze, The Alexander Technique, Estill Voice Training, EPTA-UK Piano Teacher Training and Musical Futures.   You can expect:


  • Making music is at the heart of all lessons.
  • Learning through a structured and progressive framework.
  • Each student will develop their musical ear.
  • Students will develop their creative skills through improvisation.
  • Technical skills will be taught separately from musical concepts.
  • Learning to read music notation by developing the language of music.
  • Being able to harmonise a melody.
  • Developing performance skills .
  • Imaginative and energetic lessons which engage the creativity of pupils.
  • Teaching with commitment, integrity, professionalism and passion.


Online Student Portal


  • Track practice time and leave notes and questions for the tutor
  • Download library with PDF’s and MP3’s available
  • Video Library
  • Calendar of upcoming events, lesson, public events
  • Attendance record
  • View number of make-up credits and book lessons online
  • Add and track repertoires
  • Borrowed library items
  • View email history
  • View teacher contact information
  • Keep up-to-date with studio news
  • View the family’s account and invoice information (only visible to parents/adult students)




  • Student recitals are a place for pupils to develop confidence and learn performance skills.
  • Students can share their music with friends and family at the parent recitals.
  • Get to know other pupils and become part of a musical community.
  • Hear a variety of other music and be inspired by their peers and colleagues.