Hi, I’m Donal Gormley…

…and I’m here to assist your child develop the tools and skills  required for a lifetime of musical expression and creativity.


Something you may be interested to know about me:


I’m not a performer.   I’ve never been out gigging night after night.  I haven’t been the star of the show.  I’ve never played with orchestras.

I am a qualified Piano teacher and Singing teacher with seven years experience of learning how to teach music and implementing strategies for students that work.  I travelled to the prestigious Purcell School of Music in London for a year to study Piano teaching with some of Europe’s top teachers on the EPTA-UK’s Piano Teaching Course, I’m currently a member of The Curious Piano Teachers and Tom Burke’s Broadway VoiceBox, along with EPTA-UK and The Dalcroze Society.


A little bit about my background

I had a light bulb moment in 2008, I realised that the graded music exam system I went through as a child and young adult, culminating in a Music Degree, was not the only way to progress when learning music and there were many, both time-tested and research based approaches, which produced secure consistent results and inspired students to love music for life.

So I went on adventure to investigate as many approaches to learning music as possible, it’s taken me all over the UK and Ireland, from Canterbury to Motherwell and Dublin to Derry.  Early on I discovered the importance of singing for young instrumentalists and subsequently studied the voice and singing.  I’ve now worked with over 1000 young musicians in music classes, choirs, singing and piano lessons, introducing music to them with multisensory games to engage the whole musician inside of them.

It’s been a great adventure!  But the biggest one has been happening at home with my wife Roisin.  We have two children, Thomas, 4, and AnnaKate, 2, plus number three on the way!   As I’m sure you know, it gets very busy with children and yet we all have a ball getting to know one another and learning about our new roles in life!


Why I love working with children and young people

Children are full of energy, always thinking outside the box, making connections and inspiring themselves.  They express themselves freely and authentically in the world and I want them to have opportunities to do this musically.